About iSlaytheDragon

iSlaytheDragon is a collaborative blog about games, gamers, and those who tolerate them (namely, gamers' spouses and families). iSlaytheDragon provides news, views, and reviews on new and old games to help others determine whether a game is worth checking out. Also, each Friday (more or less) we will post a question that explicitly solicits reader opinions for the discussion.

iSlaytheDragon began as the creative outlet for @Futurewolfie to record gaming thoughts, experiences, and updates on his own design, Armyland. After collaborating with @FarmerLenny on a super-secret board game design project, @Futurewolfie (and @FarmerLenny) realized that two heads really are better than one (unless those two heads are on a dragon that needs to be slain) and that what they could accomplish together was better than what they could accomplish separately. Besides, how can a social hobby be adequately described by one person speaking into the ether? And when slaying dragons, two is always preferred.

At iSlaytheDragon, we have several core values that we try to structure our posts around:
  • Engaging. If we wouldn't want to read a post, we won't write it.
  • Informed. We will do our best to keep up-to-date on the things we post about and keep our readers up to date as well.
  • Collaborative. We're a team of gamers with different tastes and perspectives, and we work together to give you the best review possible
  • Discussion-oriented. Comments are always turned on and encouraged, and we will do our best to jump into the discussion on each post. We welcome your feedback.
  • Positive. This doesn't mean that we'll like every game we talk about, but we will try to be respectful. There's enough negativity on the Internet without our adding to it.

If you have an idea for a post, a game you'd like to see us review, or a game you'd like to send us for review, please contact @Futurewolfie (egosumlupus@gmail.com) or @FarmerLenny (FarmerLenny@gmail.com); we'd be happy to discuss it with you. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter (@iSlaytheDragon)

Thanks for reading, and happy slaying!

About @Futurewolfie
@Futurewolfie is a writer, filmmaker, and dragon slayer, and in his spare time he works full time as a video editor and graphic designer at a book publishing company.  He is the inventor of slaying dragons, at least on this website. He loves exploring the use of storytelling in its many forms to explore humanity and teach us about ourselves. He loves science fiction, fantasy, RPGs, and board games (obviously).

He believes that board games are an excellent way for people to slow down, get away from their electronics, and interact in real life for a bit. He started playing games in high school with Heroclix, but was defeated by the unending release of new sets of figures, and now plays all variety of gamesfrom party games, to eurogames, to ameritrash, to whatever is fun.

@Futurewolfie appreciates the themes and stories of games and the people who play them. He loves hearing others' favorites or styles or thoughts about games, even if they totally disagree with him. His nemesis is @Farmerlenny, who is the Magneto to @Futurewolfie's Patrick Stewart. 

Boardgamegeek: grummzaire            Boardgaming.com: Futurewolfie     Twitter: @Futurewolfie

About @FarmerLenny
@FarmerLenny works by day as an associate editor and slays dragons in his free time. His favorite pastimes are reading, writing, and board games, and he loves bluegrass music. He plays the banjo with great gusto and little talent. His favorite books are too many to mention; his favorite board games are Acquire, Dominion, and El Grande, but he'll play almost anything. In his youth, he spent all his money on CCGs. He has since learned the error of his ways, but still has a soft spot for card games of all types. His nemesis is @Futurewolfie, who has a tendency to beat him by a single point (when he's not being beaten himself by the same margin). He writes a personal blog at http://tonguefriedgoat.blogspot.com. You can follow him on Twitter @FarmerLenny and on Board Game Geek (Goatcabin). He also occasionally plays games online at Board Game Arena (Goatcabin) and Yucata.de (FarmerLenny).

About Jason (@SpielemitKinder)
@spielemitkinder counts other people’s money as an accountant.  Since that can be depressing, he daydreams about slaying dragons while doing so.  @spielemitkinder is a Christian, father, and foster dad; currently he and his wife have 7 kids, which is as scary as it sounds.  He cut his teeth in the gaming world on strategic titles from Avalon Hill, SPI, and Milton Bradley’s infamous GameMaster Series.  Even *gasp* Risk.  He also played a number of traditional card games, especially cribbage (thanks, grandma and grandpa!)  Falling away from gaming in his post-college years, he recently jumped headlong into the hobby as another way to connect and spend quality time with his kids.

@spielemitkinder believes that board games are excellent tools to teach kids socialization and critical thinking skills, as well as get them off video games!  He prefers strategic war games, but since it is hard to find willing players and they take so dang long, he also enjoys any manner of eurogames and card games.

You can follow him on Twitter (@spielemitkinder) or on his own, casual blog (Kinderspiel).  He frequents Board Game Geek (spielemitkinder).  And you can invite him to an online game at Yucata.de (spielemitkinder).